Steele Indian School Park

Steele Indian School Park located in Phoenix, AZ is an 80-acre phased regional historic park complex that includes a 2.65 acre lake, water features, picnic areas, passive turf areas, and native landscaping. Aqua Engineering completed lake design, lake lining, aeration system, water feature mechanical system design, irrigation pump system, and irrigation system construction documents.

The lake is designed with a small upper lake and weir structure that flows into a lower lake which functions as an irrigation storage reservoir and provides an aesthetic amenity to the park setting. Water is re-circulated and pumped to the head of a concrete lined channel that runs into the upper lake to give the appearance of a continuous flow when the Salt River Project (SRP) raw water supply is not filling the lake. The aeration system for the lake is designed for the untreated SRP water supply from their distribution system. A vertical concrete lake edge / mow strip serves the perimeter of the lake.