Rio Vista Community Park

Rio Vista Community Park located in Peoria, AZ features a 2.5 acre lake and is part of Arizona’s “Urban Fishing Program,” sponsored by the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD). All systems installed are designed to support a fish population in addition to providing an aesthetic water feature for the park.

Aqua Engineering completed the design of the lake system and water features under the Phase One portion of the design work. Several weir structures / water falls were included in the design between the upper lake and lower lake to provide aeration, circulation and a visual water effect. A concrete lake edge / mow strip was provided to prevent erosion of the edge and to minimize the amount of grass clippings and organic debris in the water. Design work was coordinated with the City of Peoria and AZGFD and also included mechanical aeration, grading plans, lake liner system, provisions for overflow, pump circulation system, and the electrical controls.

In addition to providing an urban fishing amenity, the lake serves as the on-site irrigation water storage facility from an adjacent SRP raw water source. Aqua Engineering provided the design and engineering for the irrigation wet well, pumping system, and irrigation system for both phases of this project. Other site amenities include four regulation softball fields, multi-use turfgrass playfields and little league baseball fields, recreation center, skate park, picnic armadas, and batting cages.