Red Mountain Regional Park

Lake design, aeration system, irrigation pump system, and construction documents were prepared for this 6.5 acre lake in the 140-acre phased park complex located in Mesa, AZ that includes soccer fields, ball fields, passive turf areas, and native landscaping. The lake is designed to function as an urban fishing lake, an irrigation storage reservoir, and an aesthetic amenity to the park setting. 

The aeration system for the lake is oversized and designed for a combination of Central Arizona Project (CAP) raw water and an effluent water supply. The aerated water is then used as irrigation water for this site and an adjacent ball field complex. 

A concrete lake edge/mow strip encompasses the entire lake. The irrigation control system was developed to be compatible and communicate with the City's existing irrigation central control computer.

This facility is operated and maintained by the City of Mesa. Aqua Engineering was also contracted for the irrigation design of five consecutive park expansion phases over a 10-year period, including the soccer field complex and the ball field complex.