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Water Storage Facility Design

An increasingly popular alternative to the use of potable water for irrigation is to capture and retain water from alternative water sources in on-site water storage facilities, such as ponds and lakes. In addition to providing an on-site source for irrigating turf and plants, ponds and lakes can also be an aesthetic enhancement to the site, including parks, open spaces, golf courses, and cemeteries. Aqua Engineering provides grading plans, lining systems, edge treatment recommendations, aeration systems, overflow management, and water feature options for these versatile features.

Aqua Engineering coordinates with geotechnical consultants on the project team to determine appropriate lining system solutions for the site. Additionally, firm engineers can review or develop grading plans and specify appropriate edge treatments and aerations systems. Aeration systems ensure acceptable water quality and aesthetic appeal of the lake or pond, whether it is intended to be used for irrigation storage, urban fishing habitat, or other recreational purpose.