Jack Wells Pump Station

The New Cache La Poudre Irrigating Company commissioned a pump station to accomplish two goals: 1) transfer water to the Cornish Plains Reservoir and 2) delivery of water to the North Side Extension of Greeley #2 Canal. Aqua Engineering effectively designed a single pump station to perform both goals at completely separate times.

In response to the special needs of the project, the pumping system is designed to transfer a constant flow rate of water to a reservoir during the winter months, via the Transfer Mode, and to deliver a variable flow rate to the irrigation ditch during the irrigating season, via the Ditch Delivery Mode. Manual valves on the pump station and a manual switch on the control panel are used to change between the two delivery modes.

In the Ditch Delivery Mode, flow control is required by SCADA. The pump station will deliver a regulated flow that ranges from 1 CFS (450 GPM) to 20 CFS (9,000 GPM) based on information received via Modbus protocol of the SCADA RTU. A magnetic flow meter constantly monitors the flow rate and the pump station PLC adjusts the VFD to produce the required flow. A programmable logic controller and SCADA system were coordinated to exchange information and complete the goals of the project.

The prefabricated, skid-mounted pump station consists of three 100 HP vertical turbine pumps capable of supplying the required flow rate and pressure for each of the operating scenarios. Each pump is controlled by its individual variable frequency drive. The station resides in a CMU building adjacent to the Barnesville South Equalizer.