University of Phoenix Stadium

Home to the Arizona Cardinals since 2006, this state of the art multipurpose facility featured significant design challenges that our engineers were more than happy to tackle. Aqua Engineering provided irrigation design services for the exterior landscaping, parking lot areas, and medians along 96th Avenue in Glendale. Landscape plant material was specified by the landscape architect to feature the colors of the Arizona Cardinals uniforms and to be at their peak during the fall, the start of football season.

Our engineers designed the irrigation system using drip emitter laterals to separate each plant species on the plant palette. Our design features the use of potable water, and though water pressure levels were sufficient during the time of design, the area is largely rural so the water pressure is expected to drop as the area around the stadium urbanizes. As a result, provisions were made to provide mainline bypass assemblies and electrical services for future installation of booster pumps at the points of connection to “boost” water pressure when necessary.

Additionally, Aqua Engineering provided solutions to a unique challenge within the turf areas used for tailgating; in order to protect the sprinklers and piping during stadium events, our engineers specified the use of compacted sand to envelope each sprinkler in these areas.