Reach 11 Sports Complex

Reach 11 Sports Complex is a tournament-level soccer facility with 17 natural grass regulation soccer fields, irrigated with treated effluent reclaimed irrigation water. The facility also features an artificial sports turf regulation soccer stadium with a large radius “big-gun” sprinkler cooling system.

Our engineers designed a booster pumping system for the water source due to the higher pressure requirements of the “big-gun” sprinklers. Further, we created an effective separation of potable and reclaimed water systems to meet requirements of the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department (MCESD) and local utility standards. Ultimately, our engineers provided effective irrigation system design to efficiently apply water to the planting and to monitor each of these water sources concurrently using separate flow sensing and master valve assemblies from a single computerized central control network.

Long-term maintenance considerations are always an important element of the design process for Aqua Engineering. At Reach 11, our engineers developed the reclaimed water source to account for expanded demands required by future phases of development, as well as a central control system capable of expansion and communication.