Nelson Farm Ball Field Complex

Aqua Engineering developed an irrigation and pump system master plan for the 8.8 acre ball field complex at Nelson Farm located in Johnstown, CO. The master plan consisted of water use calculations, alternative water use analysis, irrigation pond analysis, raw water delivery system feasibility, and irrigation pump system requirements. Ultimately, a raw water source was recommended and used for the irrigation system through the diversion of ditch water to an on-site irrigation pond.

Construction documents were prepared for the irrigation and pumping systems, including a raw water conveyance system.  Plan-and-profile drawings were developed for the gravity pipeline that connects the nearby ditch to the pond. The pumping system features a pre-fabricated multiple pump, vertical turbine pump station for the raw water pond source.

The system accommodates four ball fields, additional active and passive open space and parking lot medians. Construction observation services were also provided.