Kellogg-Zaher Sports Complex

Aqua Engineering prepared irrigation and pumping system construction documents for the largest soccer complex in Las Vegas. The site is composed of 3 natural grass fields, 7 artificial turf fields, numerous passive turf grass areas, a natural grass dog park, and an extensive tennis center that features over 20 competition courts and a professional level exhibition court with stadium seating.

An automated large-radius pop-up rotary sprinkler system was designed for cooling the artificial turf fields. Two VFD booster pumping systems were designed to accommodate the variance in water pressure zones due to a significant elevation change from one end of the project to the other. High efficiency drip irrigation was specified for desert planting, and quick coupling valves were provided for the exhibition tennis court washdown system.

The natural grass irrigation systems use a combination of pop-up rotary and spray sprinklers, and the irrigation control system is designed to interface with the City of Las Vegas Parks and Recreation Department’s computerized central control system for flow monitoring and effective water resource management.