Chimney Park Re-Create

On May 22, 2008, a powerful F3 tornado ripped through the growing community of Windsor, Colorado. One of the areas that sustained heavy damage was Chimney Park, the community’s thirty-year-old multi-purpose sports facility. In the aftermath, volunteers worked tirelessly to clean the fields of dangerous debris including shredded vinyl siding, particle board, and glass. Despite their very best efforts, the Town soon realized that Chimney Park would have to be rebuilt in order for it to once again bustle with active youth and families.

Under the “re-Create Chimney Park” initiative, Aqua Engineering and other local businesses donated services, supplies, and labor to give Chimney Park back to the Windsor community. Aqua Engineering provided complete irrigation and pumping system design services for the park’s three ball fields and additional open space. The design incorporated the utilization of a raw water source.