City of Evans Raw Water Master Plan

The City of Evans Raw Water Irrigation Master Plan represents a multi-phased project. A master plan was prepared including preliminary design of several raw water pump stations, diversions, and pipe infrastructure. Design and construction documents were prepared for Evans Community Complex, Evans Waste Water Treatment Plant, and Riverside Park.  Each system included a raw water pump station, plan and profile piping design, and fully automated irrigation systems.

The Master Plan report included a review of water rights, available water sources, recommended approaches and feasibility, economic analysis, and potential revenue. Non-potable water is used for irrigation of the Community Complex with a potable back-up water source. A spool piece prevents cross-connection and allows only one water source to enter the irrigation system at a time.

Irrigation system design included turf areas and tree, shrub, and ground cover planting areas. Zone control valves and isolation gate valves permit isolation of sections for repairs or maintenance. Construction documents included pump station plans, diversion structure design, and plan and profile for piping in the roadways.