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Denver Botanic Gardens

Aqua Engineering evaluated the existing 34-year-old irrigation system and developed a master plan for irrigation system mainline piping improvements. The new design allows for a high degree of flexibility in supplying year-round water to the numerous individual garden spaces with installation disruption to the existing site and features minimized. The system will be a dual use system providing for some areas to be irrigated using recycled water, while other areas continue to be irrigated with potable water.

The solution allows for a high degree of flexible operational scheduling within a minimal watering window.  Material evaluation and selection along with suggested methods of installation were included in the study to make maximum use of the existing decoder-style central control system.  High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) pipe was used throughout the site to facilitate the directional boring methods used to prevent damage to the existing trees and plants.  A directional boring drawing was developed to indicate the areas where the boring equipment could be located without damaging any plants.

A manifold consisting of remote control valves, a shut-off valve and hydrant was developed and detailed for the gardens.  This manifold allows for flexibility in each garden and can be constructed off site to lower construction costs, since all of the manifolds are interchangeable.