U.S. Air Force Academy

Comprehensive Master Plan Aqua Engineering developed a comprehensive plan to convert the campus from potable water to an alternative water source. Water quality, water quantity, historic irrigation demands, and future irrigated area expansion were researched and used to develop the campus master plan. A complete inventory of the existing irrigation equipment and points of connection was completed using GPS mapping equipment. An irrigation central control system master plan concept was developed and sprinkler irrigation was designed for all landscaped areas. Computer aided hydraulic modeling was used to engineer the irrigation mainline pipe from several points of connection.

Athletic Fields, NCAA Soccer Field After the renovation and replacement of the master plan, irrigation system construction documents were developed for approximately 140 acres of athletic fields, and for an NCAA competition soccer field. The documents included demolition plans for the existing irrigation system and phased construction to accommodate construction budget constraints. Large radius rotary sprinklers, compatible with raw water, were used throughout. Provisions were made to connect the irrigation system for the soccer field to a centralized control system.

Parade Grounds Irrigation construction drawings and details were completed for irrigation system renovation for the Academy Cadet’s parade deck. Effluent water is used for irrigation.

Eisenhower Golf Course An investigation was conducted on the Blue and Silver Courses to determine the level of improvements which could be undertaken with the existing available budget. The study included reviewing the improvements desired by maintenance personnel, determining the cost of each improvement, prioritizing the improvements, and comparing the cost to the existing budget.

Cadet Area Construction documents for the renovation of the existing irrigation system were prepared. Sprinkler and bubbler irrigation was used.