Colorado State University

Since the late 1980s, Aqua Engineering has been involved in numerous projects on the Colorado State University campus. In addition to the featured project below, Aqua Engineering has provided irrigation design-related services to the following campus facilities:
  • College Lake Pump Station Renovation
  • Vet Tech Hospital Pump Intake
  • Equine Center Irrigation Design, Pond Irrigation and Pumping Concept Plan
  • Foothills Campus Irrigation Improvements
  • Lory Student Center Plaza Renovation
  • Student Recreation Center Irrigation Services
  • Jack Christensen Memorial Track
Featured Project: Irrigation System Deferred Maintenance Plan   Aqua Engineering was contracted to observe the operation of over 500 selected irrigation laterals on campus; evaluate and document problems; rank each lateral for prioritized replacement; and provide an estimated cost for component replacement for each lateral. A priority ranking of 1, 2, or 3 was given to each lateral:
  • Priority 1: Replace components in 1-5 years
  • Priority 2: Replace components in 5-10 years
  • Priority 3: Replace components in 10+ years
A Microsoft Access database was developed to manage and maintain the data collected, and allows maintenance personnel to query for specific information as well as track improvements as they are made. A report documents the process, explaining the use of the database to maintenance personnel, and to document current replacement costs. Of the laterals ranked, approximately 50% fell into priority 1, 20% in priority 2 and 30% in priority 3. The total cost of replacements within priorities 1 and 2 totaled over $800,000.

“I have worked with Aqua Engineering for over ten years and in that time, they have provided exceptional irrigation design and water management services to Colorado State University Facilities. I continue to contract with them because I can expect a quality deliverable, on-time and within budget.”
- Fred Haberecht, LEED AP, ASLA
Asst. Director, Landscape & Planning
Colorado State University Facilities