Bethke Elementary School

Bethke Elementary School is an exemplary project both locally and nationally. In addition to being the first school in the nation to receive certification under the LEED® for Schools rating system, it is also the first facility in Colorado for which both Water Efficiency LEED credits were pursued and accepted, a direct result of Aqua Engineering’s efforts in the project team’s collective endeavor to achieve the highest LEED rating possible for the facility.

Aqua Engineering designed a high-efficiency irrigation system for the school’s turf grasses, perennial beds, and plant materials. Computer modeling was used to achieve the most efficient sprinkler nozzle, pressure, and spacing combination. Our engineers also designed a potable water booster pumping system to be used until non-potable well water was delivered to the site. The system incorporates the use of a variable frequency drive (VFD) to adjust the pump speed to maintain constant discharge pressure. This adjustment of speed slows the motor and reduces the use of electrical power, which results in substantial energy savings over the life of the project. Control and management strategies contributed significantly to the overall efficiency.

“As the first in the nation to achieve certification under the LEED for Schools Rating System, Bethke Elementary is an important addition to the growing strength of the green building movement." - Rick Fedrizzi, USGBC