Linn Grove Cemetery

Specializing in sustainable and effective irrigation design does not always mean starting from scratch. Sometimes, part of our job as irrigation engineers is to keep in mind existing conditions and match them to the best of our ability, while maintaining the integrity of our mission to provide the best system for the site. Such is the case with Linn Grove Cemetery, a burial site in Greeley that was expanded by 4.5 acres.

Aqua Engineering designed a new irrigation pump system to provide water to the expansion area from an existing pond. In an effort to complement existing site conditions, our design of the irrigation system matches the existing irrigation approach and components.

Another element of this project was to enhance the appearance of the family estate section with a water feature. The new feature is a naturalistic stream with a series of waterfalls that flow into a shallow pond. Our water feature mechanical system included weir design, stream bed configuration, outlet assembly, inlet assembly and recirculation pump design.

Construction documents of the irrigation and pumping system and water feature mechanical system were prepared, and construction observation services were also provided.