Fort Snelling National Cemetery

Fort Snelling National Cemetery is a site rich with history. The site was originally a post located near the intersection of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers. The post was named for Colonel Josiah Snelling, who managed the construction of the site in 1820. It wasn’t until 1870 that the site became Fort Snelling National Cemetery, and served as the burial ground for soldiers who died at the post.

Today, Fort Snelling continues to be a unique site and is the final home of thousands of our nation’s veterans. Aqua Engineering prepared irrigation system master plan documents for the 140 acre expansion, as well as schematic design and design development documents for the Phase 1 expansion. Construction documents were also prepared for a fast track columbarium project.

As part of the master planning process, the existing irrigation system and pumping systems were evaluated and a prioritized list of improvement recommendations for the existing irrigation system was prepared. A computerized hydraulic model was developed for the irrigation distribution piping to determine the required improvements. Renovation construction documents were prepared for the highest priority areas.

“Thank you for all your excellent work, commitment and extra efforts over the years. Our ongoing relationship and your excellent work plays a key part in positioning our team to win and successfully complete these important projects for our Veterans.” - Wally Case, Bonestroo