Evergreen Cemetery

Owned by the City of Colorado Springs, Evergreen Cemetery is as much a museum as it is a burial site. In addition to the resting places of generations of Colorado Springs residents, this unique 128-acre cemetery features a wishing well, sculptures, and the historic Evergreen Chapel.

Aqua Engineering was contracted by the City to develop an irrigation system master plan and construction document package. Our unique approach to developing the construction documents won us accolades from the City, who was impressed by our use of an aerial image of the site to overlay the irrigation design. This technique gave contractors a better understanding of the construction constraints. The design also adhered to Colorado Springs Utilities requirements for non-potable water.

Other elements of our design work includes connecting into the City of Colorado Springs Utility Department’s existing effluent distribution mainline, and isolating blocks for winterization and maintenance purposes.  The project includes over 3000 sprinklers, 200 remote control valves, 9 controllers, and a computer operated irrigation control system.