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South Platte Park

South Platte Park presented a unique opportunity for Aqua Engineering. Because of the water table draw down from nearby wells, the cottonwood trees along the banks of the South Platte River were experiencing moisture stress. An irrigation system was designed to provide supplemental water to the cottonwood trees.

GPS mapping was used to document field staked sprinkler locations and then inserted into competitively bid construction documents for the irrigation system. Due to the extensive tree canopy, a laser range finder was used in conjunction with the standard GPS equipment to obtain accurate locations under the canopy. Paths and roads in the site were also mapped.

New equipment usage and installation techniques were employed to solve the different constraints imposed by the site and requirements of the system.

The irrigation design includes large radius rotors and two variable frequency drive booster pump stations. The new irrigation control satellites are compatible with the existing control system used by South Suburban Parks and Recreation District. The irrigation scheduling uses an on-site weather station installed under this contract and integrated with the control system.