Pelican Lakes

Water Valley is a golf course community located in the growing town of Windsor, CO. Noted for its resort style amenities, the golf courses at Water Valley are at the center of the community. Pelican Lakes is an 18-hole course of which 13 holes are surrounded by water – on both sides! Aqua Engineering provided comprehensive irrigation design services for this unique site. Pelican Falls is a 9-hole course and is located adjacent to its larger counterpart. Aqua Engineering provided GPS mapping services for this picturesque course overlooking the community. Together, the courses span 122 acres and are adjacent to the Cache La Poudre River. Both courses are located on a 100 year flood plain and feature a riparian habitat.

The challenge of the course as a player and as an irrigation designer is the bodies of water surrounding the area. Our engineers solved this issue by routing the mainline pipe of the irrigation system under the Cache Le Poudre River. Aqua Engineering’s design includes over 1,500 valve-in-sprinklers, 26 64-station irrigation controllers, and a VFD vertical turbine pump station. Our engineers designed the pump station such that the intake screen and wet well structures accommodate a second pump station which will supply irrigation water to the community.

Additional services provided included design, field staking, record drawing development, control system programming, and planning for possible flooding.