Lake Canal Modernization Feasibility Study

Aqua Engineering developed a feasibility study for ultimately pressurizing the Lake Canal System to provide pressurized, secondary irrigation water for future urban developments within the 7,500 acre service area. The study included the following elements:
  • Water rights analysis
  • Calculation of future water requirements
  • Development of GIS data base and maps
  • Evaluating cropping patterns
  • Inventory and mapping of well locations and structures
  • Hydraulic modeling of the proposal pipe system
  • Preliminary design of two reservoirs and three pump stations
  • Cost estimates for proposed system
  • Economic analysis
Various meetings with local potable water purveyors were conducted to discuss the feasibility and gain their approval and support. Construction financing will likely be available from the Colorado Water Conservation Board. Lake Canal Company intends to develop a pressurized, on-demand, delivery system to provide raw water for existing farm land and future urban landscapes. The estimated cost of construction for the project is $10.5 million.