Greeley No. 3

In 2006, Aqua Engineering completed a feasibility analysis for the implementation of phased canal modernization for the Greeley Irrigation Company.  Several projects have been implemented recently, including replacement of the 100-year old diversion headworks structure.

Aqua Engineering analyzed the local hydrology, river hydraulics and geomorphology, and worked closely with the Company to review the features of other area structures to develop a design for the replacement which minimized debris capture and obstruction potential, while providing enhanced operational capabilities and flexibility.  The structure is operated via two SCADA-controlled Rotork actuators and can be remotely monitored and actuated from both Greeley Irrigation Company and City of Greeley offices.  The completed structure provides greater ease of use for irrigation and enhances flood-control capability for the surrounding City of Greeley.

The total cost of the improvements identified in the feasibility study is approximately $2M, including the headworks structure at approximately $500K.  In addition to design and construction management services, Aqua Engineering assisted Greeley Irrigation Company in obtaining a low-interest loan from the Colorado Water Conservation Board, a $75K grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the realization of approximately $50K in cost-savings on the construction of the headworks structure.  These grants and cost-savings have allowed the Company to cover approximately half of the fees earned during the implementation of these improvements.