Rocky Mountain Arsenal

Rocky Mountain Arsenal (RMA) is an EPA super fund site with environmental remediation planned through 2010 to cover approximately 8,000 acres of the 27- square- mile facility.  Irrigation sites totaling 800 acres per year were identified to be re-vegetated and planted in native grass.
Aqua Engineering worked with Foster Wheeler Environmental, the program management contractor for Rocky Mountain Arsenal to prepare plans and reports relative to supplemental irrigation for native grass establishment and re-vegetation. The prime client is a consortium consisting of the U.S. Army, Shell Oil Co., and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

An inventory of existing irrigation equipment was completed and submitted in the form of a database for continued use by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service personnel.  Equipment and construction specifications were prepared.

A comparative matrix was used to evaluate irrigation alternatives. The irrigation approach consisted of sideroll (wheel line) sprinklers, solid set (hand move) sprinklers and other methods depending on site-specific requirements.

An initial plan for irrigation during the 1999 season was completed along with a draft 10-year plan to show the irrigation approach and recommendations for implementation.