Mayhoffer Farm

Aqua Engineering worked with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to provide preliminary design, final design, and project installation observation services to convert Mayhoffer Farm’s 145-acre flood irrigation field to center pivot irrigation.

The scope of work included:
  • On-site evaluation of existing conditions
  • Collection of survey data
  • Evaluation of the existing water supply in both a normal year and a dry year
  • Preparation of monthly water use estimates for four different crops that are to be used in the crop rotation
  • Determination of the management allowed deficit for the three main soils on the farm
  • Evaluation of the proposed center pivot nozzle package, filtration and pumping systems
After the evaluation of the water supply, it was determined that the design of a storage pond was also needed to bridge the gap between water deliveries. A probable construction cost of $70,000 for the improvements was prepared. The design was prepared per the National Engineering Handbook and Colorado NRCS Standard Construction Specifications.