Lusk Farms

Aqua Engineering worked with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to provide preliminary design, final design, and project installation observation services to convert Lusk Farm's 105-acre flood irrigation field to subsurface drip irrigation.

The scope of work included:
  • On-site evaluation of existing conditions
  • Collection of survey data
  • Evaluation of the existing water supply in both a normal year and a dry year
  • Preparation of monthly water use estimates for four different crops that are to be used in the crop rotation
  • Determination of the management allowed deficit for the three main soils on the farm
  • Evaluation of the proposed drip emitters, drip pipe layout, filtration and pumping system
The design of the subsurface drip irrigation system was prepared to show mainline routing, control valves, manifold routing, drip tube layout, and affiliated components. A probable construction cost of $126,000 for the improvements was prepared. The design was prepared per the National Engineering Handbook and Colorado NRCS Standard Construction Specifications.