Hopi Three Canyon

The Hopi Three Canyon (Clear Creek Ranch) project was commissioned to improve livestock grazing practices and water system management on arid rangeland.

To achieve the goals of the project, a stock water pipeline, troughs, and storage tank was designed to create additional water sources and allow for less concentrated grazing; as well as create a dependable water supply for the operation of previously unused pastures on the Hopi Tribe reservation. Aqua Engineering provided design services for a livestock supply and distribution pipeline consisting of two distribution pipelines serviced from an existing groundwater well and existing 21,000-gallon water supply storage tank. Each distribution pipeline ends at a new watering trough.

The water supply for the new livestock distribution system is provided by an existing groundwater well. The design intent is to fill the existing water storage tank located near the existing well and transport water from the existing water storage tank to the troughs and water storage tank, via the HDPE distribution pipeline. GPS equipment was used to mark the preliminary/cooperator alignment of the distribution pipeline during an initial site walkthrough.

The design of the pipeline system, including the watering facilities, was based on NRCS standards and specifications and various sources.