Ganado South Farms

The rehabilitation work of Ganado Dam in Ganado, AZ was initiated in 2000 through the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Dam Safety Program.  As a result, a pressurized gravity HDPE main pipeline system was installed to convey water to the various parts of the irrigation project.  Aqua Engineering, Inc. was contracted to develop a lateral pipeline scheme to distribute water to each field with one or more farm turnouts based on the main pipeline alignment. The laterals are pressurized and connected to existing turnouts located along the mainline.  This lateral system covers an area of about 250 acres. Potential crops for these farms will consist primarily of pasture, alfalfa, and traditional corn.

The field turnouts were designed to provide either a pressurized outlet or an outlet for surface flow.  The farmers could then use the turnouts to operate either a pressurized irrigation systems such as wheel-lines or hand-lines or surface irrigation system such as flood or furrows.  The final design report included survey data, soil data, environmental concerns, hydraulic design, structural analysis, operation and maintenance plan, construction specifications, construction drawings, and cost estimates.