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Agricultural Irrigation Design

Aqua Engineering works closely with the agencies and their producers to identify efficient, cost effective solutions for irrigation and to provide complete detailed designs based upon the grower’s water supply, crop rotation, and management requirements. Water quantity and quality are analyzed to determine if an adequate water supply is available and that proper water treatment equipment is provided.

We provide preliminary through final design services and project installation observation services for the conversion of any acreage of farmland to various irrigation systems. Services include on-site evaluation of existing conditions, collection of survey data, evaluation of the existing water supply, and development of crop water use estimates. In addition to the design work, Aqua Engineering has also developed numerous irrigation water management plans for producers to improve irrigation system performance and management.

Specific expertise includes:
  • Subsurface Drip Irrigation System Engineering
  • Center Pivot Irrigation System Engineering
  • Pumping Plant Engineering
  • Pressure and Gravity Flow Pipeline Engineering
  • Water Control Structure Design 
  • Irrigation Regulating Pond Design
  • Sedimentation Pond Design
  • System Installation and Checkout Review
  • Livestock Watering System Engineering
  • Irrigation Water Management Plan Development