Our Company

Aqua Engineering, Inc., a Colorado corporation founded in 1975, is an irrigation engineering firm specializing in water-conserving irrigation system design and management for aesthetic and functional landscapes and agricultural endeavors. With locations in Colorado and Arizona, the firm's project involvement has spanned 10 countries and 45 states.

The firm is staffed by agricultural and civil engineers, landscape architects, and accredited design consultants with backgrounds in irrigation and water resources. Aqua Engineering has earned a reputation for applying a standard of high quality to all its work, and is at the forefront in irrigation design, engineering, and management. The firm uses state-of-the-art irrigation design software and high-efficiency water management metrics to develop systems that optimize irrigation application efficiency, thereby minimizing annual maintenance, water, and electrical costs.

In addition to the traditional design services and deliverables, Aqua Engineering provides insight and expertise into sustainable solutions for irrigating landscapes. The firm is uniquely positioned to design water-conserving systems and offer guidance to optimize irrigation system application efficiency by using proprietary computer modeling technology. Preparation of water management plans, water rights evaluations, and utilization of emerging technology control systems are some examples of specialized expertise Aqua Engineering offers.